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Item: FA1190    *NEW*
Description: Needle Tipped Harrodsburg Fossilifferous Chert Beacon Island - This Needle Tipped example was found in Simpson County, Kentucky.  It is made from a beautiful piece of Fossilifferous Harrodsburg Chert. 


Size: 3 3/16 x 1 1/4 inches
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Item: FA550   *NEW*
Description: Wayne County Chert Beacon Island - Here is a Nice little Beacon Island.  IT is made of a VERY Colorful piece of highly collectable Wayne County Chert.  It has a needle tip and great symmetry.  All the pieces from this collection were found in McCreary County, Kentucky either off Peel Dog Wood Road, in Forgotten Valley, Indian Creek, or Bear Wallow.  All of these are within 5 miles of the Cumberland River.  Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington


Size: 1 5/16 x 13/16 inches
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Item: FA628   *NEW*
Description: Colorful Fossilifferous Boyle Chert Beacon Island - This nice Beacon Island is made of a colorful piece of Fossilifferous Boyle Chert.  It has a nice rounded base and good symmetry.   It has good flaking and form.  It was found by members of the Burgin & Day Families and this collection remained intact until we obtained it.  All the pieces in this collection were found from 1930 through 1970 in the areas North and East of Richmond, Kentucky in Madison County.  Ex- Shelby Burgin, Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington  


Size: 3 1/8 x 1 1/2 inches
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Item: FA595   *NEW*      TOM DAVIS COA
Description: Beautiful Hornstone Beacon Island Knife - You will not find a Beacon Island made any better than this one.  It has Fantastic Symmetry and form.  It has a nice rounded "beaver tail" type tail that is well ground.  It is VERY finely flaked and has a great tip.  It is made of gray Hornstone with a lighter "bulls-eye" in the side.  (see photos)  It was found in Madison County, Kentucky.  It comes with a Tom Davis COA grading it a G-8.  Ex- Gary Noel, Ex- R. Tyree, Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington 


Size: 4 3/8 x 1 1/4 inches
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Archival Pieces Beacon Island pg. 1  

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