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December 2005 meeting of the AFACA!

Appalachian Foothills Artifact Collectors Association

Hello everyone,

As I sit here typing this it is hard for me to believe that it really has been 2 years since we first started.   This coming Tuesday night will be our 25th meeting and our "2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY" meeting.... AND our 2nd meeting in our NEW MEETING LOCATION!  

I would like to offer a special "THANK YOU" to everyone who helped us make these last two years possible!  It is hard to believe the rewarding experiences and friendships that have developed in our first two years.   I can only hope that the AFACA will continue to be a place where artifact enthusiasts can continue to come together to learn and share.

The AFACA was just an idea a little over 2 years ago and in December of 2003 we had our very first meeting with 12 local collectors showing up for the get-to-gather!
In January of 2003 we had added interest and had 13 or 14 people and a NAME (AFACA) for our group and EVEN a logo!

At the one year anniversary meeting, we had about 48 people in attendance and celebrated making it one year!  Shane Pendergrass even dropped in to help us celebrate.


And last month, November of 2005, we moved to our new location with more room and better lighting!

We now have over 85 members on the books and last month at our November meeting in our new location had over 50 members attending from at least 10 different counties here in KY!

This Coming Tuesday night (December 6th, 2005), we will be having out 2nd (2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY) meeting in our NEW location at the WACO, KY. Fire Dept!

It is located 7.2 miles out of Richmond on U.S. 52 towards Irvine, Ky.  (see map) and 1/4 mile past the stop light at Waco BP station at Waco, KY.

We are very pleased with our new place to host out meetings and accommodate our need for space.  We invite you to join us this Tuesday night and bring a friend with you.  

Our New meeting  rooms are carpeted and we have more space and tables!   We re-lighting the show room with 84 feet of DAYLIGHT balanced lights!  The Waco Volunteer Fire Dept will be setting up food and the proceeds from the food will go the Waco Volunteer Fire Dept Fund.

Parking:  When you turn left up the drive off U.S. 52, we will have plenty of parking on the left side of the building and it will be marked for you until everyone gets used to where they should park.  ** PLEASE ENTER through the side door on the left side of the building! **

Upon entering you will find our "sign-in" table with directions to our meeting room!  I ask that you please sign our register as you enter!

We wish to continue our mission to make the AFACA meetings a place to meet, share, and learn, with an emphases on LEARNING. One of the most rewarding things for me this last year was to see members really GROW in their ability to identify Lithic material, classify pieces as to typology, and begin to recognize key signs to authenticity!

If you have any pieces that you have collected that you need an opinion on, bring them with you...... we will be glad to give you an evaluation!)

We would love to see each and every one of you there this TUESDAY NIGHT !!!!!

Come join us Tuesday night for some artifact collecting camaraderie.

Our meeting at the Waco Fire Dept will start between 6:30 and 7pm Tuesday night...... come on out! There will be nourishment for the belly as well as the artifact habit, so you do not have to eat before you come.

Bring along any new finds/acquisitions or a frame or two of your favorites! We would love to see them.

If you are planning on coming from out-of-town and you have never been to a meeting before, email me and I will give you a number in case you get lost!

And Don't worry about being late, as we are usually there 4 to 6 hours!

Look forward to seeing you there,

Monty R. Pennington

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