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David's April 17th Loaf Stone Find

David Denny came by the farm last night just before dark to show me a loaf stone banner that he had found 20 minutes earlier.

He had phoned and told me that it was white, so I was expecting galena........ instead it is a dense white quartz.

Do any of you have one of quartz?....... was wondering how usual this was.

It has VERY weak notches on both ends........ almost to just a line.



David, myself, and a few others walk this field....... I had an inclination to take off and go to it, since it is only a couple of miles from my office around 1pm yesterday........ as I had a couple of hours before my son got off the bus, but decided not to go...... lol....... anyway, ....... it made David's day, so I am very happy that it was him that found it.

Hope you enjoyed the photos,


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