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February 16th Group Hunt on Fort Ancient Site

I wanted to post the in-situ's and photos of the Pipe pre-form for the finds I posted yesterday from our hunt.....................as promised.  Speedy Denny, David Denny, Hayden Bybee, John Gibson, and myself got together for a little walking.

Hope you enjoy.

This first Triangle was found by Speedy.... the first nice piece of the evening.  Another Side Notch.  The last triangle is the one that I found.

Here is the Sandstone Pipe pre-form found by David Denny  (sorry, but he had picked it up before realizing what it was).  The photos WERE taken "on-site" however.   The smaller "stem" hole is "stepped".... using about 3 different drill?.... the "bowl hole".... appears to have been started by maybe the knuckle of cane?.... it is smooth and rounded.



Not a bad find in anybody's book.

Hope you enjoyed,

Monty R. Pennington          Hit Counter