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Took The Afternoon Of To Walk With Chris Capley & Hayden Bybee

November 26th, 2005

Took the afternoon off to walk with Chris Capley and Hayden.  We hit a very large cornfield site on a bench above a local creek basin that you would expect to be mostly woodland........... the reason?.........  well........you can figure that out from the "in-situ's" photos.

What we found was a mixed variety of Archaic and Woodland pieces...... and if anything.... AS many Archaic ones as Woodland.

My best scores for the day were the Boyle Stilwell with the "lightning vein" and the little Palmer hafted scraper.  Again.... Thanks Chris for posting the "in-situ's" of the day.

As we were laying out the finds on the tail-gait of my truck at the end of the day....... I looked up a power-line clearing and saw a group of wild turkeys emerging from the woods...... as we watched there must have been close to 50 in the flock that came out into and crossed the clearing....... great watch at the end of a nice days artifact hunting!

Hope you enjoy the photos,

Monty R. Pennington

ps...... click on any photo to enlarge