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March 16th, 2006

As I posted earlier.... John Gibson, my son Seth, Sophie the pup, and I got out and walked an hour last evening.   

Here are the in-situ's of the "expanded center" gorget... and the other piece that I have decided to leave in the dirt clod for the time being.

The Gorget actually had 4 holes scored.. two are almost touching.... 3 are scored so they are very noticeable.

I wish it did not have the damage to the ends... the ends were squared off and polished because there is a tiny remnant of this remaining on BOTH ends.

I am not sure of the material.......  maybe a dense sand or lime stone, green in color... I have a large axe that some of you have seen that is of a VERY similar material......



                                                Seth & Sophie                                            Seth & John

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