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The March 2006 meeting was our largest attendance ever!  We had over 110 people who visited through out the evening.  Listed below are some photos that we had taken during our evening.

                                                                         (click on any photo for an enlarged view)

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The group of artifacts above and the 4 immediately below are from the collection of Anthony Longsworth, and are all personal finds except for the first pipe which was found by a friend of his fathers.   The Steatite effigy pipe was a surface find in the mountains of Southeastern KY.  (although rubbed down so that the hole will show, the dirt has never been cleaned from the holes)  The exceptional Wheeler was found in a rock-shelter on his property in Laurel Co., KY and is made of Boyle Chert.

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above:  Sam Cox - host of the Lexington, KY show                                                                       above:  My son Seth

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(above left:) Ralph Richmond chats with Danny Bray - host of Somerset, KY show.  (center:) Tom Davis with Jack DeBorde - finder of the  Clark Co., KY Birdstone in last issue of Central States.  (right:)  Tommy Wayne Longsworth of Perry Co., KY

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(above left:)  Hayden Bybee, Terry Tucker, Mitch Fink, and Eddie Rassenfoss discuss a piece.   (above right:)  Recent cache find by Mike Bullock of Lexington, KY.  Here is the interesting part of this cache...... Mike found two of the pieces on the surface in a plowed field and brought them to show me.... he had already decided that they were a cache.... being so like in workmanship and material.  We discussed the possibilities of there being more there and he asked me about probe rods.   The result of this was that Mike went out and built a probe and went back the find location and after a couple of hours was able to find the other 5 pieces together in a small area.   All are like in material and patination.

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                                                                    (above) frames of Eddie Rassenfoss      

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(above left)  Serrated Lost Lake found by Jack DeBorde last week. (you can see it worn around his neck in a photo above).  (above center) A few pieces of my pottery ( above right) Frame of Hayden Bybee's.

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(above left)  Chris Capley talks with John Gibson  (above center) Bill Pinkston - of Harrodsburg, KY.  Bill just celebrated his 87th birthday and is still VERY active as a dealer/collector at artifact shows.   (above right) Gary Noel - another Harrodsburg, KY artifact collector/dealer.

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(above left) Bryon Roberts and his son from Estill Co., KY (above center) Ricky Plunkett and Speedy Denny (right) Mitch Fink & David Denny.

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(above left) a fine group of early pieces (left center) my son Seth looking over some pieces for sale. (right center) Sonora Clovis from Plunkett collection.  (right) A broken pipe stem of Red Pipestone and a reed drilled core remnant from the same material...... dug in a cave by Robbie Robbins in the late '70's.

We had a VERY good turnout for the evening with a lot of new people dropping by.   There were many fine artifacts on display and for sale.   John & I want to thank everyone who attended for helping making our March meeting such a success!  Hope to see you all there next month.


Monty R. Pennington, AFACA

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