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Visit another Collector with Speedy & Myself

November 6th, 2005

Speedy got me up early this morning wanting to go walking.  So David, Speedy, and I hit a local construction site and another producing corn field without much luck...finding only a few tools ( not enough rain last night )

Afterwards, Speedy and I took a drive to check out some of the known sites in the Southeastern part of the county.  While were out that way, we stopped by to see a collector/hunter that had came to our last AFACA meeting.

He was glad to talk about some of the local sites, mounds, finds, etc..... with us and to show us some of HIS collection.

He had a very nice collection of personal finds, and a couple of VERY fine pieces that he had got from a couple of his friends who hunt/collect.

This first piece is a FLAT "no brainer" authentic Clovis made of Sonora Chert.  IT measures 4 1/8 x 1 1/16th inches and was found in the 1970's in Estill County, KY.   I have taken several photos of both sides of this nice relic for you to see the color and workings.    ( there is also a couple of photos of it with another Clovis Base of non-translucent Boyle Chert that was found locally.  It would have been a very nice big Clovis.)    (click on any photo for an expanded view)

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The next piece is a Personal find of his......... found only a ridge or so over from our new meeting place at Waco, KY.  It is a BIG beautiful Translucent Boyle Chert Adena form that has a base well ground all the way around.  It measures a whopping 5 5/8ths by about 1 1/2 inches in size.  I provided a couple of nice "backlit" shots so you can see the translucency of this great Boyle Chert example

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The above photo leads into the last piece of his that I photographed.  A Pine Tree that he acquired just this year that was found by a friend of his near Carterville, KY.  It measures 3 inches long.   Is made of what I believe to be Fort Payne Chert.  This is an outstanding example with only a "flea bite" to the tip of one ear that keeps it from being PERFECT!.  I have taken a several photos in this sequence with the aperture closed down to show the flaking on this piece and a few backlit ones to show the serrations.

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MVC-680X.JPG (66828 bytes) MVC-681X.JPG (60124 bytes) MVC-682X.JPG (49871 bytes) MVC-683y.JPG (29076 bytes)

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Speedy and I wanted to take you with us as we viewed these three outstanding pieces from one of our new members collections.   I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we did.

Happy Hunting,

Monty R. Pennington

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