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Update on Turkeytail Fulton Cache recently recovered in KY

Story and photos by Monty R. Pennington

Update on Turkeytail Fulton Cache recently recovered in KY

The Story Continues...

I wanted to announce that Dr. Michael Gramley agreed to take over the science associated with the cache.   According to Dr. Gramley of the ASAA, this was the first time that any material related to a "Killed" Turkeytail cache has been recovered that would afford the scientific community an opportunity to study and hopefully glean some information as to the Why and When! Samples of the collected material was sent to Coral Gables and we received a good solid date on the cache of 2760 years BP +/- 60 years!

Also, we have set up a place where we can spread the cache out to examine and sort.  We have been going through the pieces we have determined that they size of the cache based on a tail count is around 220 blades. Another interesting note........ in studying the blades and flaking Speedy thinks that the WHOLE cache was made by at least 7 different knappers, but probably no more than 10 total individuals!

I also wanted thank everyone who came by Table # 67 and congratulated Speedy at the 2004 AACA Expo!

I have included a few photos of Speedy's progress on the cache.


Monty R. Pennington

Above and right .......  cache finder Speedy Denny still grinning!

There was a tremendous amount of material to clean up.  The "heat" that had effectively changed the color of many pieces of the material complicated the efforts to piece many pieces back together!

If you are interested in more information, contact:
Monty R. Pennington
office:  859-624-2609

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I would like to take this space to say what a THRILL it was to me personally, as I am sure it was to everyone else who participated in the recovery of this important find!

A cumulative total of the surface hunting experience of those involved would exceed 150 years, yet NONE of us had ever found a cache.  Most of us had only DREAMED of ever even seeing one "in-situ".  Some of us had never seen ANY cache period!

This was an experience that ALL of us will think upon as one of the great events that we participated in during the course of our lives!

Great Hunting, Collecting, & Enjoyment Wished To All,  

Monty R. Pennington