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The AFACA is proud of the members that make up our Association .
Get to know them, ..... You will find it a rewarding experience!

AFACA Member List


Adam Agusti – Dana, IN
Jerry Alexander – Richmond, KY
Jimmy Allen –Richmond, KY
Matt Authur – Waco, Ky
Ray Ball –Richmond, KY
Delores Barnes – Winchester, KY
Brian Begley - Berea, KY
Ken Bellamy – Richmond, KY
Doug Biggs – Richmond, KY
John Bobbitt – Richmond, KY
Danny Bray – Bronston, KY
Vance Brinegar – Lexington, KY
Bill Buck – East Bernstat, KY
Mike Bullock – Lexington,
Vince Burdette – Wildie, KY
Ryan Burgess – Annville, KY
Jack Burgess – Corbin, Ky
Steve Butcher – Richmond, KY
Hayden Bybee – Richmond, KY
Richard Cackling – Irvine, KY
Bryant Canada – Somerset, KY
Chris Capley – Lexington, KY
Randy Carrier – Lancaster, KY
Ted Combs – Richmond, KY
Paul Combs – Richmond, KY
Gary Combs – Irvine, KY
Tib Congleton – Richmond, KY
John Congleton – Richmond, KY
Eddie Conn – Berea, KY
Martha Conn - – Berea, KY
Victoria Conn – Berea, KY
Jay Corsett -  Richmond, Ky
Roy Cox – Richmond, KY
Sam Cox – Lexington, KY
Ray Cranert – Stanford, KY
Barb Cranert – Stanford, KY
Mike Darland – Harrodsburg, KY
Tom Davis – Stanton Ky
RuthAnn Davis – Stanton, KY
Jack DeBorde –Lexington, KY
David Denny – Richmond, KY
Speedy Denny – Richmond, KY
Mike Dickerson – Louisville, KY
Jon Dickinson – Cincinnatti, Ohio
Don Dix – Nicholasville, KY
Dale Edwards – Irvine, KY
Rob Farewell – Lexington, KY
Mitch Fink – Atlanta, GA
Mike Fisher – Lexington, KY
Carma Fisher – Lexington, KY
John Gibson – Berea, KY
Elmer Goosey – Irvine, KY
Kenny Green – Berea, KY
Nicholas Hall – Winchester, KY
Logan Hall – Winchester Kentucky
Tracy Hammonds – Ewing, KY
Jay Harding – Berea, KY
Bill Hardy – Harrodsburg, KY
Sean Harris – Berea, KY
Jeff Hart – Richmond, KY
Ann Hendren – Richmond, KY
Scott Hicks – Berea, KY
Jack Hisel – Berea, KY
Esco Hisle – Richmond, KY
Melanie Howard – Nicholasville, KY
Steve Howard -  Nicholasville, KY
Bruce Hudson – Louisville, KY
Cody Hundley – Richmond, KY
Danny Ingram – Annville, KY
Junior Lamb – Waco, KY
Angela Lewis – Shelbyville, KY
Thomas Longworth – Bonnyman, KY
Anthony Longworth – London, KY
Charlie Lutes – Richmond, KY
Arron Lyles – Shelbyville, KY
Kris Mann – Mt. Sterling, KY
Charles Mattox – Flemingsburg, KY
Berry McDonald – Midway, KY
Roy McIntosh – Richmond, KY
Matt McKay – Lexington, KY
Charlana McQuinn –Richmond, KY
Ronnie Miller – Berea, KY
Brad Morgan – Richmond, KY
Jeff Mounts – Berea, KY
Everett Murphy – Waco, KY
Gary Noel – Harrodsburg, KY
Willie Palmer – Mt. Eden, KY
Jerimy Panse – Richmond, KY
Wayne Pawley – Clay City, KY
Shane Pendergrass – Jamestown, TN
Jewdy Pennington – Richmond, KY
Monty Pennington – Richmond, KY
Seth Pennington, Berea, KY
Tyler Pennington, Lexington, KY
Jay Perkins – Sterns, KY
Bill Pinkston – Harrodsburg, KY
Rick Plunkett – Corinth, KY
Terry Portwood – KY
Eddie Rassenfoss – Paris, KY
Debbie Rassenfoss -  Paris, KY
Dale Rector – Elizabethtown, KY
Vivian Rector – Elizabethtown, KY
Fred Releford – Springfield, KY
Mason Rhodus – Richmond, KY –
Harold Richardson – Irvine, KY
Jessie Richey – Lebanon, KY
Robbie Robbins – Richmond, KY
Byron Roberts – Irvine, KY
Trent Rogers – Lexington, KY
Jeff Rose – Waco, KY
HE Rose - Richmond, KY
Davis Rushing – Lexington, KY
Scott Russell – Danville, KY
Jeff Schumacher – Winchester, KY
Ramona Schumacher – Winchester, KY
Bill Sharp – Richmond, KY
Teresa Sharp – Richmond, KY
Rowland Shepard – Berea, KY
Vince Sizemore – Richmond, KY
James Sizemore – Manchester, KY
Anthony Sluder – Springfield, Ky
Gary Smith – Perryville, KY
Roy Smith – Richmond, KY
Dustin Smith – Richmond, KY
Charles Smith – Richmond, KY
Grady Steele – Moniticello, KY
Danny Stone – Waco, KY
Shane Strout – Nicholasville, KY
Paul Thomas – Berea, KY
Rene Thomas – Richmond, KY
Stan Tipton – Richmond, KY
Jack Travis – Frankfort, KY
Roger Truett – Annville, KY
Terry Tucker – Lebanon, KY
Patric Tudor – Richmond, KY
Michael Tuttle – Irvine, KY
Larysa Tuttle – Irvine,KY
Daisy Tuttle – Irvine, KY
Brandon Tyree – Berea, KY
Rodney Tyree – Berea, KY
Audrey Tyree – Berea, KY
Jerome Walker – Williamsburg, KY
Benny Webb – Winchester, KY
Jeff Webb – Winchester, KY
Robert Whalen - Sparta, Mich.
Lori Whalen - Sparta, Michigan
George Williamson - Waco, KY
Ed Wilson – Mt. Sterling, KY
Ronald Wilson - Mt. Sterling, KY
Gary Witt – Winchester, KY
Adam York – Berea, KY
Clyde Young - Irvine, KY
Carolyn Young - Irvine, KY

December 2004 - One Year Anniversary Meeting

In December of 2005 we celebrated our 2 year anniversary!


Our 3rd Anniversary - December 5th, 2006 3 Years of Artifact Com


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