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Welcome to the home of the AFACA!

The Appalachian Foothills Artifact Collectors Association is based out of Richmond, Kentucky where the Bluegrass meets the Mountains!

The AFACA was first conceived during the summer of 2003.  In the fall of that year a few local collectors were contacted to see if there was even an interest in "getting together".
In December of 2003, the first Tuesday of the month, we had our first meeting with 12 local collectors attending.  The next month, January of 2004,  we had 14 local collectors in attendance!
Currently we have close to 150 members on the books and have religiously held to our original "1st Tuesday" monthly meeting night. 
In December of 2005 we moved to our NEW home in the upstairs meeting room of the Waco Fire Department which facilitated our ever growing membership and need for better lighting.
We remain diligent in our mission to make the AFACA meetings a place to meet, share, and learn, with an emphases on LEARNING.  We revel in our members being able to say that they have grown in their ability to identify Lithic material, classify pieces as to typology, and to recognize key signs to authenticity!
I would like to offer a special "THANK YOU" to everyone who helped us make these first two years possible!  It is hard to believe the rewarding experiences and friendships that have developed in our first two years.   With the support of our membership the AFACA will continue to be a place where artifact enthusiasts can continue to come together to learn and share!
We welcome one and all to our monthly meetings, and would love to see each and every one of you at our next one!
Monty R. Pennington

1st meeting of the AFACA in December of 2003. 
Members Pictured left to right:  Danny Stone, Jeff Mounts, John Bobbitt, Roy McIntosh, David Denny, John Gibson, Kenny Green, Speedy Denny, Charlie Lutes, Hayden Bybee, Doug Biggs, and Monty Pennington

We invite you to visit us and attend one of our meetings. Our members are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have about artifacts.

Please Click the Adena Robbins to email us with any comments or to join our mailing list.


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Appalachian Foothills Artifact Collectors Association - 2049 Berea Road - Richmond, Kentucky 40475