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Past AFACA Meeting Posts!

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On this page we have provided a directory to Past AFACA Meetings & Posts of Members Finds!



1st Anniversary AFACA Meeting

April 24th 2004 Finds - by Monty Pennington, Shane Pendergrass, & Hayden Bybee

2nd Anniversary Meeting Announcement

May 24th 2004 Killed Turkeytail Cache - found by Speedy Denny

The 2nd Anniversary AFACA meeting - December 2005

April 20th 2005 KY Lost Lake - S. Harris

January 2006 AFACA Meeting Adam Agusti's Banner Stone Find

April 28th 2005 Grooved Loaf Stone - found by Mike Bullock

March 2006 AFACA Meeting Our Largest Meeting To Date - Bullock & DeBorde Score New Finds

November 6th 2005 - Come Visit another collector w/ Speedy & Monty

September 2006 AFACA Meeting Jack DeBorde's Great Pipe Find

November 26th, 2005 Madison County Hunt w/ Chris Capley & Hayden Bybee


February 6th 2006 Lost Lake Heartbreaker - Found by Monty Pennington near Maysville, KY


February 16th 2006 Group Hunt on Fort Ancient Site - David Denny finds Pipe Preform

  March 2006 Adena Gorget Find - Found by Monty Pennington
  March 11th, 2006 Carter Cave Uni-face Paleo Knife - Found by Brandon Tyree
  April 2006 Loaf Stone - Found by David Denny
  October 2nd 2006 Axe - Found by John Gibson
  March 28 2007 Discoidal - Found by Steve Gay
  April 4th 2007 Adz - Found by David Denny
  July 29, 2007 Sunday Artifact Hunt - with David, John, Monty, & Speedy
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