We have provided this section for our customers to look up "Provenances on many of the pieces that have passed through the doors of our web.  They are listed by "Typology" or Category.

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Adena Caracara Drills Halifax Kirk Motley Pontchartrain I Stanfield
Adena Blade Cascade  Dovetail  (St. Charles) Hamilton Knight Island Mud Creek Pontchartrain II Stanly
Afton Castroville Early Ovoid Hamilton Stemmed Lake Erie Mulberry Creek Pueblo Alto Side Notch Starr
Agate Basin Clovis Early Stemmed Lanceolate Hemphill Lake Mohave Neuberger Quad Steubinville
Alba Coldwater Early Triangular Harahey Lange Newton Falls Ramey Knife Stilwell
Angostura Cobbs Elk River Hardaway Lecroy Nodena Rankin Stringtown
Archaic Corner Notch Copena Elko Hardin Ledbetter Nolichucky Red Ochre Stone Square Stemmed
Ashtabula Cossatot River Ensor Harpeth River Lerma Nottoway River Bifurcate Redstone Sublet Ferry
Baker Cotaco Creek Epps Haw River Levanna Ohio Lanceolate Rice Lobbed Susquehanna Broad
Bakers Creek Cotaco Blade Eva Heavy Duty Limestone Paleo Tools Rose Springs Table Rock
Barber Cougar Mountain Evans Hell Gap Little Bear Creek Paleo Blade Russell Cave Tennessee River
Beacon Island Corner Notch Fish Spear Hi-Lo Lost Lake Paleo Lanceolate San Patrice Thebes
Beaver Lake Corner Tang Knife Folsom Hinds Lowe Palmer Savannah River Turkeytail
Benton Cresap Forest Notched Holland MacCorkle Pedernales Scallorn Uwharrie
Big Sandy Cumberland Fort Ancient Hopewell Madison Pelican Scrapers Wade
Blades Cypress Creek Fox Valley Humboldt Maples Pentagonal Knife Searcy Wallula Gap
Brewerton Daltons Frazier Intrusive Mound Maud Perdiz Seminole Warrick
Brunswick Dalton Sloan Gary Jacks Reef McIntire Perkiomen Shulma Waubesa
Buck Creek Darl Graham Cave Jude Meadowood Pickwick Simpson Webb Blade
Buggs Island Decatur Greenbrier Kanawha Stem'd Merkle Pike County Smith Wells
Buzzard Roost Creek Desert Series Greenville Kay Blade Meserve Pine Tree  Smithsonia Wheeler
Caddo Blade Dickson Guilford Kays MicroNotch Pipe Creek Snake Creek White Springs
Camp Creek   Guntersville   Morrow Mountain Plainview Snyders Yadkin
Candy Creek       Morhiss   Square Knife - Paleo Zephyr
Fossils, Etc             Historic Artifacts
 Axes, Chisels, Celts, Gouges, Adz Banner Stones, Cones, Plummets, Loaf & Boat Stones Discoidals, Pipes,  Bowls, Beads, Sinkers, Paint Cups Gorgets & Pendants, Amulets Pestles, Nutting Stones, Abrading Stones, etc. Bone & Shell Miscellaneous Flint Artifacts: Flint, Chisels, Flint Celts, etc. Pottery

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